Choice Wood Company's Services

Choice Wood Company is a full service Design/Build firm, providing architectural design, general contracting, project management, carpentry, custom cabinetry, and custom millwork. By providing design and construction under one roof, we are able to streamline the building process. Our designers, project managers, and carpenters all work together fluidly in order to maintain the highest level of quality and efficiency, saving you time and money.

Architectural Design Services

Our talented staff of architects provide a full range of professional architectural services. Choice Wood Company’s focus is to build beautiful, architecturally designed, homes and additions. With knowledge, imagination and extraordinary attention to detail we will guide you through a maze of possibilities to make your dreams become reality.


Our architects are essentially designing the best solution to a puzzle that is defined by the site, size, costs, quality, construction schedule, and the clients’ preferences. All these elements are kept in consideration for the duration of the project to create a beautiful home for each client, the site and the neighborhood. We revel in the creation of a unique and perfect solution for each project, regardless of scope. This process has been formalized by the architectural profession and augmented by our design studio into the seven design phases shown below.

Architectural Design Phases

  1. Ideas and Feasibility: The design process, with us, starts with a complimentary design consultation at your residence. During this visit we can evaluate the scope, provide ideas and determine the feasibility of a project at your home and location.
  2. Programming: The Ideas and Feasibility visit is followed up by a more formal, and detailed, discussion of all the requirements and the aesthetic directions that could be pursued during the Schematic Design phase. A budget is often established in this early stage and allows us to channel our creative energies where they will provide the best value to you.
  3. Schematic Design: Is a process in which we develop conceptual design solutions that define potential design direction. These solutions, or schemes, are then evaluated and a specific direction will be approved by you. We provide a detailed ballpark cost estimate during this phase. When a single design direction has been determined, we shift into the Design Development phase.
  4. Design Development: This is the phase where all the approved ideas are further developed and detailed. We essentially test the design with the realities of construction materials, the site, structural and other code requirements. In addition we continue to update our cost estimates, as the design becomes more defined, to ensure we remain within your budget.
  5. Contract Documents: These are often referred to as “Construction Drawings” or “Blueprints”. The drawings and written specifications generated during this phase, 1) outline in detail the scope of the work and therefore will be used as final bid documents, 2) will be submitted to the city for code review and building permit approval, and 3) provide our site crews with the necessary information to transform the drawings into its built form. This is an exciting time for our clients typically, because it is during this phase that almost all selections for materials and finishes are made.
  6. Bidding: In this phase our architects provide our estimator and the bidding sub-contractors with any additional information they may need to provide bids. A signed construction contract signals the end of this phase and construction will begin!
  7. Construction Observation: During construction, the project manager, job foreman and architect, meet with you on a weekly basis at the job site to ensure that communication is coordinated. The architect answer questions which may arise on the site, coordinates selection decisions to be made, and may develop additional details to ensure that construction remains on schedule.

How We Work

We bill separately for our design services and our “Design Agreement” is separate from any type of Contract for Construction. You are not obligated to work with us as your builder, however almost all clients, who have completed the design process with us in the past, have done so. If you build with us the cost, for full service architectural work, is based on an hourly fee and will not exceed 10% of the construction costs.

Please call us if you have any more questions about our company or if you are ready for a free design consultation visit. We look forward to hearing from you!


Choice Wood Company has two teams of project managers. When one of these teams manages your project, one of the managers handles a majority of the estimation, while the other consistently oversees structural components of a project, although both will sometimes overlap. This gives the construction process a checks and balances dynamic that ensures that your home will be priced appropriately and structurally sound.

When it comes to the actual construction site, the foreman will be the one that controls the job site day to day in person, supervising our experienced carpenters.


We create the finest custom cabinetry available. By using a sensible combination of leading-edge technology and traditional, old-world craftsmanship. We fashion modern cabinetry that will stand the test of time.

A Design-Driven Process:

With other companies, your design is limited by specific production techniques that impede the architects’ intent. We do it better. First, our cabinet project managers work directly with you and your architect to make sure your design aesthetic and storage needs are met and that the cabinets work seamlessly with the rest of the house.

With final approval, our shop craftsman and machine operators create award-winning cabinetry. If necessary, we look outside our own company and use specialized technologies or skills, not readily available in cabinet shops, in order to achieve desired results.

By working directly with you, your architects, as well as the carpenters and finishers working on your home, the cabinets we produce become integral to the overall scope of a seamless project. We will guide you through this process with a series of planned meetings so you know exactly what we are creating. At the end of the project our clients often cannot believe how beautiful their cabinets are.


Early in our history we realized that in order to meet our own quality standards and client needs, we needed to produce our own millwork.

What is millwork? We think of it as crafted woodwork that is not cabinetry--such as mouldings (base, crown, door and window casings, crown mouldings, dentils) stair-parts, brackets, corbels, beams, custom windows, custom doors, etc.

We produce our own mouldings in any shape. For remodeling projects, this allows us to match the existing wood in your house exactly—not just close, but exactly. For new houses, our library of over 1000 knives allows architects to choose profiles consistent with overall design intent, or we can create new mouldings if needed. We use lumber grading rules based on industry standards established by the National Hardwood Lumber Association and the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

We are wood experts. We research wood species and joinery techniques, so we understand properties relating to stability, rot resistance, ability to take stains, hold paint, hardness, etc. Many architects consult with us on wood selection for many projects, not just the projects we are producing. We, in turn, take advantage of the Forest Product Laboratory USDA Forest Service, the recognized world leader in wood science and research to help us with answers. We don’t guess--we research, advise, and create.

We often produce products from material with “chain-of-custody” documentation from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and other forest management programs. We procure salvaged material and often re-mill and integrate reclaimed lumber into a new project.

Our millwork, like our cabinetry, integrates seamlessly into an overall project offering our clients unparalleled design and value.